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Contact Us Securely Through The Details Below:  
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Contact Us Securely Through The Details Below:  
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Nembutal Liquid Pentobarbital (trade name: Nembutal) is a drug from the barbiturate class. 
It was widely used during the 1940s and 1950s as a sleeping pill (i.e. hypnotic) or anti-anxiety drug (i.e. sedative). 
Unlike modern sleeping pills, Nembutal is highly lethal in overdose. 
Because it is very reliable and brings about peaceful death, it is one of the drugs of choice for assisted suicide. 
Nembutal is used by euthanasia organizations in the United States (Oregon Death With Dignity Act), Switzerland (Dignitas), and The Netherlands. 
Nembutal Liquid Since it was so easy to overdose on Nembutal (whether accidentally or intentionally), it was almost universally taken off the market and replaced by safer sleeping pills. Nembutal was removed from the Australian prescribing schedule in 1998. However, Nembutal remains in use by veterinary surgeons in order to euthanize bigger animals. Many people were successful in obtaining veterinary Nembutal for their suicide. 
The famous American actress Marilyn Monroe supposedly used Nembutal to end her life

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